Saturday, October 22, 2011

By now everyone knows that with the release of the new iphone 4 ios, that Apple's latest iPhone is breaking all past sales records for iPhones since the first release in 2007. As of this writing an amazing 4 million have been sold.  Instead of relying on all of the press reports and techie reports I decided to do my own research by going into the local AT&T store, Verizon Store and the Sprint store. Basically I heard the same from each of the three salespeople from each of the cell phone providers that carry the new iPhone 4 ios cell phone . The first salesperson described the new iPhone 4 ios as being Industry Standard.

iPhone 4 ios

The common description from the salespeople demonstrating the phone was that there was nothing really new as compared to the typical Android phones released many months ago. For example the Samsung Galaxy SII has each of the new upgrades incorporated into Apple's new iPhone 4 ios and was presented in February  of 2011 and released in July.

Samsung Galaxy S II
Apple with the new iPhone touts the new upgrades as being: A faster processor. The iPhone 4 ios now has a 1 ghz processor, the Samsung Galaxzy has 1.2 GHz processor, both can reach speeds of 24 MPS however each carrier cannot support the faster speed and most probably will not be able to employ the faster speeds before the first part of 2012. With regard to iPhone's new 8 megapix camera, the Galaxy II has the same quality delivering 8 megapix. Apple with its new Iphone has upgraded to voice commands. The Galaxy II for example came originally as "Industry Standard" Voice Actions and according to the Sprint salesperson the new Iphone is lacking one crucial feature. Google's Android's voice can give directional commands using Google maps while the Iphone cannot.

It is true that there is a size difference. The Samsung Galaxy II is .9 inches longer but its contoured design makes it slightly thinner. The new Iphone 5 promises to be,as the last great innovation personally provided by Steve Jobs before his untimely passing,  the ultimate Iphone ever introduced. While the new iphone promises to become indurstry standard up to 4 g coming into the 4g world of the Android. The iPhone supposedly has 500,000 Apps, while the Androids have 350,000. The Verizon's salesperson was quick to tell me that most of the Apps being offered by iPhone were "useless" With so many being offered on each side it really doesn't make a difference as these salespeople seem to all agree that there are sufficient Apps available by both to make everyone whether they have a Apple or a Android very happy.

After hearing the pros and cons offered by the salespeople the logical conclusion would be if your service plan ends soon it will be fine to grab the brand Apple, forever chique, iPhone. But if you can wait until the new iPhone 5 will be unveiled within a year's time,if Tim Cook can maintain the dedicated visionary perspective that Steve Jobs created, then you will be duly rewarded with the latest of Apple's capabilities.  

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